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milena jovicevic, Arkiv, Pejë, Kosova

milena jovićevićSORRË 

July 6th - December 30th 2023

Artist talk: October 7th 2023 at 11:00

Arkiv Institute of Contemporary is thrilled to present “SORRË”, a thought- provoking site specific exhibition by the esteemed Montenegrin contemporary artist Milena Jovicevic.

Exhibition sheds light on the intriguing symbolism and misunderstood nature.

Intrigued by the dichotomy between the crow's negative associations and its remarkable intelligence, Milena explores the portrayal of women as crows in times of quarrel and sadness.This exhibition aims to shed light on the crow's intelligence, resilience, and the positive qualities often overshadowed by misconceptions.

Through her work, Milena is bringing focus to the lack of institutions named after Kosovar female figures who had important roles on different fields in Kosovo.

The selections were made based on the research book "Vepra e Saj" of Alketa Xhafa.

Lisbon Sings 2022 - INTERKULTUR - Jonas Persson _edited_edited_edited.jpg


siparatum. Arkivi i Arkivuar

March 25th 2023

We are happy that we are hosting the show 'Archived Archive' by Siparantum Choir in our institution. This show is a testament to the power of art to bring people together and explore complex topics. As the piece was composed especially for this event by the renowned composer Memli Kelmendi, we believe that this event will be an important opportunity for our community to reflect on the past and celebrate our shared cultural heritage.
"Archived Archive" is a unique artistic performance that explores the theme of the Kosovo War of 1999. The concept of the show centers around the idea of archives, memory and the importance of preserving the past. The choir will use their voices to tell the stories of those who lived through the war and their songs will serve as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit.



Artan Hajrullahu, as one of Kosovo's leading painters shares with us his intimate figurative paintings and local cultural history for subject matter, creating narratives that defy literal interpretation. 

Hajrullahu known for his unique style of illustrations done on cardboard paper is exhibiting more than 70 works at Arkiv. 

Silence Took a Hold of the Rooms is open until the 30th of December 2022.


ARKIV Institute of Contemporary Art

School "Vaso Pashë Shkodrani"

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